Oh No Level 2 again.....


 12th August 2020 update

NOTE: This is subject to change, please check back with us regularly and check WYM emails for notifications.

With the new cases of Covid 19 announced and returning to Level 2 we are reviewing our situation.

At present:

Recorders groups for this coming Friday have been cancelled due to the high risk environment with our young players - an email will be sent out to all recorder group members.

Choir for this evening has been cancelled

Friday groups are going ahead as normal, however a Northland case  of covid appears this is very likely to change, so please keep checking back with us


•Don't come if you are sick. As always if you are sick please stay home.

•Entry to be through the main entrance on Rust Ave. The ramp will be used for inward foot traffic and the steps used for outward foot traffic – you require to use the ramp on your way please ensure that it if not in use.

•YOU MUST SIGN IN AND OUT, we will have the normal sign-in sheets for you to use but please ensure that your contact information Is correct – this is a government requirement if we wish to operate.

•Kitchen is closed, PLEASE BRING READY TO EAT FOOD & A WATER BOTTLE. The kitchen and the green room will be closed. There will be no heating of food, use of utensils, cups and glasses.

•Wind and brass players. Please bring drip mats and clothes for your instruments, your instruments and their hygiene is your reasonability

•Wash your hands or sanitize regularly – hand sanitizer is provided throughout the building

WYM Team


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